Why choose H2Grow Irrigation Systems LLC?

We are locally owned and operated. It is our goal to provide a professional service and achieve superior customer satisfaction. Our services include sprinkler install, repair and maintenance.

Sprinkler Install and Repair

To have the most beautiful lush lawn and landscaping, your irrigation system needs to be performing at the max efficiency. Some signs you may need sprinkler repair include low water pressure, puddles in the lawn, uneven spray patterns, or your controller is not working properly. If you are experiencing any of these sprinkler issues, call the professionals at H2Grow Irrigation Systems for a free assessment and esitmate.

Sprinkler Maintenance

To ensure your sprinkler system is operating efficiently, regular maintenance is necessary. Our maintenance plans include the startup activation in the beginning of the season, and the proper shutdown of the sprinkler system before winter. We also offer plans with regular maintenance throughout the watering season to ensure your sprinkler system is running with no issues.

Our service features

We service a broad range of sprinkler repair needs. Contact us today for an assessment of your spinkler system.


  • Residential installs

  • Upgrades to existing systems

  • Install rain sensors

  • Irrigation design

  • WiFi timer clocks

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  • Replace broken sprinkler heads

  • Adjust sprinkler heads

  • Repair breaks in a water line

  • Repair or replace timing clock

  • Replace broken valves

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  • System activation

  • System winterization

  • Adjust spray patterns

  • Reprogram sprinkler timer

  • Check all sprinkler heads

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Our goal is to provide a professional service and achieve superior customer satisfaction. See what our customers are saying about H2Grow Irrigation Systems.


Sprinkler Head Repair

Repaired a leaking sprinkler head.

Sprinkler Head Adjustment

Adjusted sprinkler head for better spray pattern.

Break in sprinkler line

Sprinkler line was broken during fence installation.

Sprinkler line repaired

Repaired the line broken by the fence post concrete.

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